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The encounter of the other leads to something beyond...

Further than the original desire, appears through the wait, patience and distance. Far from a quick experience, through the grace of gift, trying to go beyond myself to the other, at an infinite distance of me, to pour myself to welcome someone else in her/his humanity.

Then God reveals naturally inside us. Because, there again, God is present first. The one that gave first and waits no return except inside ourselves, the hope of love. God image of freedom and love. We are invited to discover the existence of this other who pre-exists to our desire and who receives Love. Then, going further the human approach, the conjugal love includes itself in another dimension, vaster still, this of sacramental marriage. A God present who purifies our look and leaves us open to the work of the Spirit, Charity and Hope. We can then take notice that human bound is written in a wider alliance. It is sign of an eternal love between Christ and its Church .

 What says the church ?

We have interviewed a catholic priest, father Michel Meunier, of Paris.

- This is called the discovery of God, the faith in God. We see more and more adults walking to find God at the time of the preparation of their marriage, often due to one of them and mostly because their feeling of love makes us discover something different, external, like a gift received.

To marry in the Church means to make the link, link Gods creation to the couple, a family, creation of God. This creation is love. He creates us by love and for love. He made us on His image for love and to give life. His love is based on confidence and freedom. It gives man to woman and reciprocally. He proposes to live with Him an everlasting alliance : I shall be your God and you will be my people...

Christian wedding is to construct his couple with Christ : Desire to love as He loved us, up to giving His life to show its love. To do this, to count on his force and grace and not on our own ! The good news of Gospel is there. God in His love wants to renew our heart and open us to a new Spirit ! He is with us daily. We only have to open our door.



What does it change for others ?

In their couple, they look forward to love as God loves them. With great respect, independance of the other, they refuse possession or domination of other.

No Christian wedding without freedom.

Looking always more to receive from the other and to give ourselves to him ; learning how to give together to children.

No Christian wedding without fertility

with fidelity for ever and a forgiveness always possible. How could we say I love you with conditions ?

God does not give us conditions !

No Christian wedding without everlasting fidelity !

We see there the four dimensions of the Christian wedding : If you wish to love on the way Christ does, if you believe He can help it is logical to go towards a Christian wedding.

Make contact with church.

She is there to help you consider it and discover the message of Christ and to succeed as a couple

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