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 To have confidence, means exposing oneself...

Engagement is founded on confidence, a given word : to be a couple, means to do an alliance... This confidence constitutes the rock of couple's life. It is often damaged through small or bigger attacks. But it can be reconstructed and even be reinforced trough dialogue, external help and forgiveness.


 To believe in a greater love

A good image :

Each one is a the top of a tower, made of pride and self protection :

Speaking from above, is sending arrows, non-dialogue words.

True dialogue and more over forgiveness, means going down its tower, go up for a short time in the other's taower and come back and humbly decide to re-build alliance.

To forgive is to find an humble way of accepting its lack of love and return both on a better equilibrium...


 Confidence is exposition...

Union of hearts and bodies in peace and serenity is made of mutual confidence. Confidence expresses itself namely in exposition of heart and body. To denude oneself in front of the other, in real or in words, means exposing your face, give your heart and your body in hope of a return. We can dream that the other and ourselves is always up to this type of confidence. But we are faced with our own weakness and egoism. Is it thus a dead-end ?

No, if we accept to be true and ask the other for help. To say : "I need you, you know my weaknesses, help me" allows the other to love us as we are and show a confidence in him. Its also allowing him to be true with his own weaknesses.

What breaks confidence is not our weaknesses but our pride, judgement and damnation.

Christians have a text which shows it well : When Christ washes the feet of its disciples while he should be their master he says "I ask you to do the same", to appear humble and have mutual respect. Christians base their confidence not on the fact that they might be tougher than others but on this certitude that brothers can help, heal and give them access to true love.

To be human, we'll have to act the same for the other... More and more we can learn how to love, not on the condition that the other does not deceive us but freely, and up to giving its own life for the other.


Our we able to wash each other's feet ?

To have confidence, to denude and expose ourselves is like kneeling in front of the other. This calls for more than a human nature and is based on the hope of an lasting alliance, a lasting and true engagement.

It is an act of poverty towards ourselves and an act of gift.

In catholic marriage, this confidence is expressed by the exchange of consents : I receive you as my spouse and give myself to you (Wedding's ceremony).

Reciprocal service is sign for Christians of a serving Christ.

It is also what is expressed by the Cross, which reveals a God that loves up to death (what Christ means through the washing of feet).


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