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True love...

 What is true love ?

Augustine of Hippone completing a definition initiated by Aristotle (1) defined three types of love and these keys are interesting to transpose in our history :

- Loving to be loved (Amare - Amari) :

A narcistic feeling necessary to believe in myself, the minimum necessary to start believing in other...

- Loving to love (Amare - Amare, in Greek philien) :

Joy to share, friendship, force which makes us closer to the other, gives us value, allows us to exist in society

- Love (Amare, in Greek agapan) :

Loving-gift, the one who does not look after its interest as writes Paul in its letter to Corinthians (see below).

 A text to think about :

The text below has a sense at numerous levels. It shows love with a great L but also talks of friendship and on a peculiar way of sexual love...

4 Love is patient,
is full of goodness ;
love is no envy,
has no pride,
5 Love is honest,
does not look for its interest,
does not irritate,
does not think of badness,
6 it does not have joy in injustice,
but of truth,
7 it excuses all,
believes all,
hopes all,
support all.
8 Love will never end
(extract of the letter of Paul to Corinthians, chap. 13)



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Note 1 : in Ethic to Nicomaque , see French pocket edition pages 317 and followings.

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